If at any circumstance, we make an exception to our no refund policy; a 15% restocking fee will be deducted from your total. This is inclusive and not limited to requesting a refund after a purchase is made or failing to verify your order with valid government I.D

Any appointments not booked one week before the requested booking date must pay the $30 late booking fee. Arriving to your appointment as early as one minute late, will result in your appointment to be subjected to immediate cancellation with no notice, if time permits, we will take you in for a $20 late fee.You must come to your appointment with a fresh clean face, any previously worn makeup will be subjected to cancellation.Book your refill in accordingly, anything past the three week time frame will be subjected to a full set pricing. we don’t work on any others work. Following all maintenance instructions given .

Travelling services are only offered for large parties of 5 or more and bridal parties, travel fees will apply.