We are two passionate and creatives who demand an inclusive and diverse beauty community which reflects the principles that we are rooted in and serve. Dolce Rosa is a garden that assists in the individualized holistic blooming process for each unique rosebud. With a limitless approach to beauty, we provide luxury hair, quality merchandise, great customer service and educational systems as a stepping stone to your greatness. 

At Dolce Rosa we know growth of every rosebud is based on the health of the soil they are embedded in. We are a company that believe in a holistic approach of a healthy spirit, mind, and body. By enhancing ones physical beauty, we remind our #rosebuds to feel great and love themselves.At a reasonable price, our luxury products and services will have you looking and feeling confident like the beautiful floret you are.

Grown in Toronto Canada, we hope to plant our seeds worldwide; creating luxury beauty at an affordable rate and providing job opportunities to many. We believe in positive energy vibrations and in hopes to continue to spread positivity and inspire we put love into everything we do. We produce and complete services/merchandise in a safe environment with proper compensation to all our teammates. Highly skilled, we take great pride in our continuous learning as we have many certifications and are trained by globally leading celebrity stylist and artist’s. We follow proper steps to ensure your health and safety, before, during and after all services and products.

Our name, Dolce Rosa, is close to our heart and means so much to us. Dolce Rosa stems from the softness, light and beauty our mother brings to us. Coming from humble beginnings, our mother planted the seeds in us to grow our talents today. With love, our mother, Roseline “Rosa” also ensured we made best with our environments and used what was accessible to us. Delicate and gentle like a rose’s petal, the word Dolce which means gentle or sweet in Italian, was added to her name Rosa; because through time, the same love she sowed within us will rep within all of you. As an eternal sign of beauty, the Rose flower is a symbolic figure that represents how dynamic our mother is and how our #rosebuds may be. Like the thorns on a roses stem, a woman is fierce, protective and aware of herself. But the beauty and delicacy of her petals represent life, vulnerability and attention to detail. The roots of a rose plant represents how grounded we are to our Nigerian heritage, and pays homage to the amazing women and men who made it possible for us to be who we are today.

We welcome you to the garden, with a heart full of gratitude we wish you nothing but peace, enjoy.